Compelling competitive advantages

The key attributes that differentiate us from our peers and protect us from competitors are outlined below.

Purpose-driven organisation

We are committed to driving sustainable, inclusive growth across Africa.

Unrivalled, African-focused capabilities

Our on-the-ground capabilities across 20 countries in subSaharan Africa, links to international capital and funding pools and a unique partnership with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Established, fit-for-purpose franchise with modern digital core

Our franchise strength is underpinned by our strong brand, excellent people, fit-for-purpose physical distribution network and digital platforms.

Diversified client base, service offering and revenue streams

Our businesses and revenue streams are well-diversified across client, sector, product and geography, which provides protection in times of volatility.

Robust capital and liquidity position

Our strong and liquid balance sheet provides flexibility tomanage uncertainty, change, innovation and growth.

Strong growth prospects

Our prospects for future growth are driven by regional economic fundamentals and increasing financial inclusion and penetration providing opportunities to increase our market share, particularly in some of the large markets in which we operate where we have relatively small market shares

Appetite to invest, deliver and partner

We have the resources and appetite to expand on our own and through partnerships and alliances.