Attractive investment proposition

As Africa’s largest financial services group, we have scale advantages

Trusted brand

Our unparalleled brand strength and legitimacy is recognised continent-wide.

Deep African and sector expertise

Our on-the-ground operations in rapidly expanding African economies and our strong expertise in a number of fast-growing sectors. Financial deepening and greater market penetration, particularly by way of new digital channels and partnerships, will drive revenue growth.

Available resources

Our robust capital structure and financial resources are underpinned by our modernised and increasingly efficient physical and digital infrastructure.

Client franchise

Our large and growing client base with relevant client propositions and a significant opportunity to deepen client relationships and grow revenues by way of solution enhancement and cross-sell.

Robust capital and liquidity position

Our strong and liquid balance sheet provides flexibility to manage uncertainty, change, innovation and growth.

Strong growth prospects

Our prospects for future growth are driven by regional economic fundamentals and increasing financial inclusion and penetration providing opportunities to increase our market share, particularly in some of the large markets in which we operate where we have relatively small market shares

Established partners

Our strong partnerships and alliances, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Salesforce.